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Welcome to Pasadena Physical Therapy

The Power of Good PT

1-on-1, for 1 Hour (1-1, x1) Care

The Power of Good PT starts with getting to know you and your story, and the hour we reserve for you each and everytime lets us do that.
You wouldn’t expect to see your accountant, lawyer or doctor while they were helping 3 other clients, so why should you expect anything different from your physical therapist? 

Skilled Care That Isn't a Waste of Money

The Power of Good PT is best delivered by PTs who are movement nerds and love keeping up with the latest in methodologies and the scientific literature.  
We attend (and even host) seminars regularly and incorporate the most advanced practices in our daily clinical practice.

Personalized Care That Isn't a Waste of Time

The Power of Good PT starts with great relationships and custom programs based on your needs.
We believe that TIME is the most valuable thing we all have that our personalized care is the best way to make use of time.

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Our Commitment to You

Proper Management of Expectations

From the moment you contact us to when you finish your course of care, you will know exactly what’s going on.  No surprises.

Friendly & Caring Staff

Our business and clinical models allow us to put you first. We are grateful for the opportunity to take care of you.

Clinical Excellence

Our entire staff loves and is really good at what they do, and it will show in their assessment methodologies, their treatment techniques, and in the things they’ll prescribe for you in clinic or while you’re away from the clinic.

Loc and his team are great. They didn’t just fix what I came in for – they looked for root causes and helped me to better understand how everything in the body is connected. Their focus on whole-body health has improved my overall awareness to stay in shape and avoid future injuries and issues.

Shayne Smith


Kudos to Loc and his friendly and knowledgeable crew! I had unbearable pain in my left shoulder. The parts of my body causing the pain were explained to me in great detail so I could understand what the exact treatment would be like. After only five visits my pain has decreased dramatically! Thank you Loc for giving me my shoulder back! Highly recommend!

Kirk H.


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Rise up at work in the name of health

Rise up at work in the name of health

It’s been said that too much of anything can be bad for you. And according to physical therapist Dr. Locatelli Rao, this theory holds true with sitting – or, pretty much any prolonged sedentary behavior, for that matter. In an age when more people find themselves...

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Lower risk of ACL injury this sports season

Lower risk of ACL injury this sports season

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), high school athletes account for about 2 million injuries and around a half-million doctor visits each year. But few of these injuries, says physical therapist Dr. Locatelli Rao, are as costly to a...

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