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Before your first physical therapy visit

Please download, fill out, and bring the Patient Intake Form to your first visit.

What should I bring to my first physical therapy visit?

  • You will want to bring a form of identification
  • A form of payment
  • Your insurance card(s) if you are going to utilize your insurance
  • Completed Patient Intake Forms
  • Any pertinent medical records (MRI report, surgical report)
  • Your physician’s referral (if you have one).

What should I expect during my first physical therapy visit?

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will spend about an hour with you to determine the source and cause of your injury/pain.

From there we will come up with a comprehensive plan that will maximize our chances for a complete and successful course of care, which may include:

Manual Therapy | Exercises | Education

What should I wear to my treatment sessions?

Comfortable athletic type clothing (t-shirt, sports bra, sweatpants or shorts) that allows for easy access to your injury site and allows you to easily move about is going to be your best bet.

How long should I allow for my appointments?

For the first visit, we recommend you allow about an hour. For follow-up appointments you should allow 45 to 60 minutes.

Do I need a physician referral before receiving treatment?

Short Answer: Legally “No”, but for the purposes of working with your insurance company, “Yes.”

California Law allows limited Direct Access which means you do not need a physician referral to come to us for your first visit, the Initial Evaluation. However, most insurance companies do require a physician referral to cover follow-up visits.

We prefer to work with physicians, as they are an integral part of the treatment and recovery process. The physician’s evaluation provides valuable information that can help us establish a Plan of Care.

You can speed up your recovery by coming to us for your Initial Evaluation, and from there we can refer you to the appropriate specialist. As rehab professionals we see all the outcomes and know who the best doctors for you are.

You can also choose to simply forego utilizing insurance and see us on a private pay basis; this works well for people who value their time and

  • Have a high-deductible insurance plan
  • Have an HMO insurance plan

Will my care be covered by insurance?

Physical Therapy is a benefit covered under most health insurance plans and Pasadena Physical Therapy accepts nearly all PPO insurance plans. However, the reality is a lot of today’s PPO insurance plans have high (large) deductibles; what this means is that you will be responsible for the entire cost of your physical therapy visits until that deductible has been met. Therefore, it is good idea to go somewhere where you will get BETTER, FASTER.

How often will I need to come to physical therapy?

The frequency and duration of a physical therapy episode of care will greatly depend on your goals and your current condition. As a clinic who puts the patient first, our “more care, less volume” models means we will get you BETTER, FASTER.

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